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Seville, Saint Isidore of. "Allegoriae Quaedam Scripture Sacrae.", 123-124., No date.
Augustine, St. Aurelius. "Augustine Sermons." (No date).
Barnes, Albert. "Barnes' Notes on the New Testament." (No date): 212-217.
Bede, Saint. "Bedae Venerabilis Opp." In Pat. Lat. 92, 467-470., No date.
Great, Gregory the. "The Book of Pastoral Rule of St. Gregory the Great." (No date).
Charles, R. H.. "The Books of Adam and Eve." In Old Testament Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha., No date.
Mihiel, Smaragdus of St.. "Collectiones in Epistolas et Evangelia." In Pat. Lat. 102, 445-448., No date.
Peake, Arthur S.. A Commentary on the Bible., No date.
Iranaeus, _. "Contre les Hérésies.", 445., No date.
Ruspe, Fulgentius of. "De eo qui incidit in Latrones." In Pat. Lat. 65, 391-392., No date.
Maurus, Rabanus. "De Universo Libri XXII–Lib. Iv.", 477-452., No date.
Edersheim, Alfred. "The Descent into the Valley of Humiliation." The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (No date): 234-241.
Tatian, _. "The Diatessaron of Titian Section XXXIV." (No date).
Great, Gregory the. "Epistles of St. Gregory the Great." (No date).
Ambrose, Saint. "Exposition of the Christian Faith Book 5 Prologue.", No date.
Papias, _. "Exposition of the Oracles of the Lord." In Fragments., No date.
Ambrose, Saint. "Exposito Evanglii Secundum Lucum." (No date): 237-241.
Augustine, St. Aurelius. "From an introductory article about Augustine." (No date).
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Maurus, Rabanus. "Homilia Clix." In Pat. Lat. 110., No date.
Kerameus, Theophanes. "Homiliae XI–XII." In Pat. Graec. 132, 291-306., No date.
Chrysostom, Saint John. "Homilies on Epistle to the Hebrews, Homily 10." (No date).
Chrysostom, Saint John. "Homilies on Matthew Homily 15." (No date).
Origen, _. "Homily 34: The Fathers of the Church." In Origen: Homilies on Luke, Fragments on Luke, 137-141., No date.
Refinus, _. "Jerome's Apoligy for Himself Against the Books of Rufinus." (No date).